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Video Mapping and Video wash

Video Mapping and Video wash

If you want to differentiate by adding a fresh new look to your event
you have some suggestions ...
Particularly into any room in your way as your gala or special invited guests who can rock wool or any part of the world. Technical Office, technically, except glass facade, has the possibility of any kind of surface coating with stationary or moving image in the desired size.
Technical Office, painting and video mapping technology using a combination of video, other than glass-covered, came to the front of any building level can be covered with moving or still images.
Through this technology, moving to the desired location of the building, still images giving the other parts, it can be used as a composition up to 24 consecutive layers of different types of images or able to mask some parts ...
The rest is up to your imagination ...
Attractions event you always accustomed to seeing this technology will amaze you and your guests ...


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